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Every dog wants to please

I believe that Your dog wants nothing more than to make You happy. At DOGgym I teach dogs how to understand their humans, so that You become a great team.

szpic miniaturowy pomeranian leży na regale

What does Your dog love?

Motivation is a strong foundation. I make sure Your dog listens to You, because it believes it's worth it!

zabawki dla psa: piłki, frisbee, przysmaki

Training that is fun

I rely on training methods that are tested, effective and most importantly those that Your dog will enjoy.

You can click the certificates to learn more about my expertise:

Dog trainer course Dog communication workshop Training a rescue dog course Dog-human communication course Dog Olfactory Conference Chidren, dogs and the most common issues course Animal behavior analysis course

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certyfikat Trener psów
Dog trainer course
certyfikat HCCR
Dog communication workshop
certyfikat Rescue to home
Preparing and training a rescue dog course
certyfikat Alexa Capra
Dog-human communication course
certyfikat Dog Olfactory Conference
Dog Olfactory Conference
certyfikat Dziecko i pies
A course on managing children and dogs in one household
certyfikat Analiza zachowania zwierząt
Analysing the behavior of animals